Monday, June 20, 2011

Understanding Labor Law

Under Congratulations to Douglas Ray, Calvin Sharpe, and Robert Strassfeld on the publication of the third edition of their Understanding Labor Law book (LexisNexis 2011).  Note that the photo, left, is of the second edition -- though LexisNexis has the third edition up on its website, it's still using the photo of the second edition.


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Recently Published Scholarship


  • Charles A. Sullivan, Plausibly Pleading Employment Discrimination, 52 Wm & Mary L. Rev. 1613 (2011).
  • Shannon H. Hedvat, A New Age of Pro-Employer Rights: Are Automatic Assignments the Standard?, 13 U. Pa. J. Bus. L. 817 (2011).
  • Jessica M. Scales, Tipping the Balance Back: An Argument for the Mixed Motive Theory Under the ADEA, 30 St. Louis U. Pub. L. Rev. 229 (2011).
  • Joseph Lipps, State Lifestyle Statutes and the Blogosphere: Autonomy for Private Employees in the Internet Age, 72 Ohio St. L.J. 645 (2011).
  • Ahmed A. White, Industrial Terrorism and the Unmaking of New Deal Labor Law, 11 Nevada L.J. 561 (2011).
  • Jackson Taylor Kirklin, Title VII Protections for Inmates: A Model Approach for Safeguarding Civil Rights in America's Prisons, 111 Columbia L. Rev. 1048 (2011).


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