Monday, November 14, 2011

NBA Talks Collapse; Union Disbands

NBAThe NBA Players Union just announced that is has both rejected the NBA's latest contract offer and decided to disband (by "disclaiming interest" in representing the players).  Part of the reason was the union's view that the NBA wasn't going to move from its current position; indeed, the NBA said over the weekend that it was done bargaining.

Although a breakthrough is always possible--losing lots of money tends to do that--it's looking likely that next season will be cancelled.  One interesting aspect of the NBA is that, unlike football, many basketball players can play in one of the many leagues around the world.  They're not the NBA by any means, but some pay pretty well and are quite competitive.  That could either put more pressure on the league or just make it more likely that the work stoppage will continue for a long time.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE:  Matt Bodie has a nice post on the topic over at PrawfsBlawg.  -rb


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