Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Boeing Case Settling?

BoeingIf you thought you saw pigs flying overhead today, it may be because of this story:  the NLRB case against Boeing may be settling.  According to reports, the union officials and Boeing have reached a tentative settlement that would have a new airplane built in Washington State.  This is a different plane than the one being built in SC, but is apparently enough to satisfy the union.  If the members ratify, the union will then inform the Board that it no longer has an issue with Boeing.  Although General Counsel Solomon could still pursue the case, that's unlikely.  Indeed, he was quoted as describing the agreement as a "very significant and hopeful development."  He didn't say the case would end--he noted that after ratification, "we will be in discussions with the parties about the next steps in the process"--but I doubt that he is masochistic enough to pursue the case after the parties have settled.

Hat Tip:  Dave


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