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Recently Published Scholarship: Comparative LLPJ


Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal
Volume 32, Number 4, Summer 2011

Competing Conceptions of Representational Legitimacy, p. 841

  • Ana Virginia Gomes and Mariana Mota Prado, Flawed Freedom of Association in Brazil:  How Unions Can Become an Obstacle to Meaningful Reforms in the Labor Law System, p.843.
  • Erika Kovacs, Hungarian Unions:  How Representative?  How Effective? p. 891.
  • Itai Svirski, Moving to Bottom-up Representation:  A Comment on Gomes and Prado, "Flawed Freedom of Association in Brazil," from the Perspective of the Developing New Unionism in Israel, p. 915.
  • Gian Guido Balandi, From Corporatism to Freedom of Association:  A Note About Italy, p. 925.
  • Nikita Lyutov, Freedom of Association: The Case of Russia, p. 933.

Other Articles:

  • Alexander De Becker, The Legal Status of Public Employees or Public Servants:  Comparing the Regulatory Frameworks in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, p. 949.
  • Nick Robinson and Varun Gauri, Education, Labor Rights, and Incentives:  Contract Teacher Cases in the Indian Courts, p. 991

Three Perspectives on the Viking and Laval Decisions

  • Bernard Adell, Resisting Lower Terms for Imported Workers:  Laval-Inspired Reflections on the Canadian Law, p. 1023.
  • Frank Hendricks, Beyond Viking and Laval:  The Evolving European Context, p. 1055.
  • Steven L. Willborn, Laval, Viking, and American Labor Law, p. 1079

Book Reviews

  • Pepper D. Culpepper, reviewed by John Buchanan, Quiet Politics and Business Power:  Corporate Control in Europe and Japan, p. 1097.
  • Lane Kenworthy, reviewed by Chris Howell, Jobs with Equality, p. 1101.
  • Amanda Tattersall, reviewed by Maite Tapia, Power in Coalition:  Strategies for Strong Unions and Social Change, p. 1107.


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