Monday, May 23, 2011

Recently Published Scholarship


  • Whitney Cloud, State Pension Deficits, the Recession, and a Modern View of the Contracts Clause, 120 Yale L.J. 2199 (2011).
  • Diana M. Link & Richard A. Bales, Waiving Rights Goodbye: Class Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements After Stolt-Nielsen v. AnimalFeeds International, 11 Pepperdine Disp. Resol. L.J. 275 (2011).
  • Christopher J. Diehl, Open Meetings and Closed Mouths: Elected Officials' Free Speech Rights After Garcetti, 61 Case Western Res. L. Rev. 551 (2010).
  • Lindsey E. Sacher, Through the Looking Glass and Beyond: The Future of Disparate Impact Doctrine under Title VII, 61 Case Western Res. L. Rev. 603 (2010).
  • Shaili Pezeshki, The FMLA and its Shortcoming: Can Your Supervisor Wrongfully Terminate Just Because You Work in a Public Agency?, 40 Southwestern L. Rev. 551 (2011).
  • Moshe Zvi Marvit, On the Greatest Property Transfer that Wasn't: How the NLRA Choase Employee Rights and the Supreme Court Chose Property Rights, 38 Southern U. L. Rev. 79 (2010).


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