Monday, April 25, 2011

Secunda on Doorey: Transnational New Governance

PaulSecunda  Daviddoorey_mgprize Our own Paul Secunda has a nice post at Jotwell (Journal of Things We Like Lots) reviewing David Doorey's (York Univ.) article, In Defense of Transnational Domestic Labor Regulation, 43 Vand. J. Transnat'l L. 953 (2010). Here's a bit from the post:

In his new paper, In Defense of Transnational Domestic Labor Regulation, Professor David Doorey has written a meticulously footnoted and researched article on an important issue that is increasingly facing modern democratic economies: to what extent should such countries seek to use their influence to improve labor practices in economically-developing countries?  As Doorey explains, the answer is not as simple as merely deciding you want a labor side agreement to the latest free trade agreement.  No, in addition to more formal legislative enactments, Doorey thoroughly explains the developing trend of using techniques which exist outside of formal state action, but nevertheless serve to influence and regulate working conditions and employer-employee relationships in third-world countries.

Paul critiques some of David's conclusions about the feasibility of this approach for protecting labor standards. Read both Paul's post and David's article--they're excellent.


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