Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New NLRB Website

NLRB The NLRB has just announced a new design and format for its website, which has the same address.  The NLRB's site has long been one of the better ones among federal agencies, and the new version--which looks great and seems even more user friendly--only improves things.  Among the new features, according the Board's announcement (of course, conveniently listed on the site):

  • More case information is available more quickly than ever before. All Board decisions are now posted to the site at the time they are issued, rather than after a three-day holding period. The Board is also for the first time posting unpublished decisions, which do not appear in the official bound volumes of Board decisions. Additional documents from Washington and the regional offices not previously available will be posted to the site over time.
  • The website showcases a new case-management system that has been coming online at the agency for more than a year, and will be deployed to all regional offices by the end of this fiscal year. The new single system replaces 13 separate case tracking systems, and will allow for seamless searches that cover the entire life of a case at the agency. Each case is assigned its own page, where information and documents are posted. More information and documents will be added over time as the rollout of the new system is completed.
  • For the first time, the agency’s 32 regional offices – where all cases and elections begin – are prominently highlighted in the new site. An interactive map shows regional boundaries and allows visitors to quickly locate their own regional office. One click away is a page for each region that lists top officials and features newsletters, news releases and local cases and decisions.
  • A data section tracks NLRB activities over the years by the numbers. The section launches with eight charts and tables covering a variety of indicators, from charges filed to back pay collected. More charts and tables, with greater interactivity, will be added through the year.
  • Improved navigation will make it far easier for visitors to find their way, and new pages explain the NLRB processes and functions in accessible language. At the same time, all the case-handling manuals, memos and forms found on the old website will be available on the new one.

I particularly like the new data page, which makes some popular figures much easier to access than having to look up annual reports (I had trouble getting the graphs, but I assume it's a kink that will get ironed out).

Hat Tip: Amy Cocuzza 


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Please tell me where on the new website to find the advanced-search feature that was on the old website. That was what made the old one "one of the better ones" in my view, and as far as I can tell it is no longer there.

Posted by: Amy Segel | Mar 7, 2011 5:13:15 PM

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