Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spurned Dean Candidate Files Discrimination Claim

W Dan Filler reported at Brian Leiter's Law School Reports Friday on a discrimination claim brought by a rejected dean candidate at University of Windsor Law School.  The Montreal Gazette explains that Professor Emily Carasco has filed a formal complaint of discrimination to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, and is asking the Tribunal

to suspend the search for a new law dean on campus, arguing that she was denied the position through racism, sexism and a false allegation of plagiarism....  [Carasco] was one of two candidates shortlisted for the top law-school job -- before the university decided in the spring not to appoint either as dean, and to start the search anew.  She [wants the Tribunal] to force the University of Windsor to appoint her the dean of law for a five-year renewable term.

Dan Filler has more information in a post today.  He explains:

[I]t turns out that Professor Carasco has had an ongoing contentious relationship with her home institution.  In particular, in the late 1980's, she batt[le]d the university over pay imbalances for women faculty.  She documented this fight in A Case of Double Jeopardy: Race and Gender, published in a 1992 issue of the Canadian Journal of Women and the Law.  (She may not have won many friends on the Windsor faculty by implying that her application for Associate Dean, in 1990, was unjustly rejected because she fought for racial and gender justice.  And that the faculty is filled with liberals who don't recognize their own bias.)  In 1998-99 she applied for promotion to full professor.  Her application was opposed by the Faculty of Law.  Upon appeal to the University Committee on Promotion, the decision was reversed and her application was granted.  In 2007, she successfully convinced a divided faculty to end its practice of cancel[]ing classes for the Jewish High Holidays - arguing that although the faculty couldn't end the statutory preference for Christian holidays, it oughtn't give preference to Judaism over other religions.  (In this particular battle, she was strongly opposed by Professor Richard Moon - the person she alleges tanked her deanship battle by pointing to prior claims of plag[i]arism.)



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