Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Recently Published Scholarship: Missouri L. Rev.

Mulogosmall Wendy Greene (Cumberland) writes to let us know about a recent colloquium issue, and rather than re-invent the wheel, I'll just post the text of Wendy's email:

I am not sure if you have posted information about Natasha Martin’s recently published article, “Pretext in Peril” in the Missouri Law Review, but if not I wanted to provide the citation information to her wonderful, “must read” article! The citation is: 75 MO. L. REV. 313 (2010). (You might remember that Natasha presented an earlier draft of this piece at the Annual Labor and Employment Colloquium year before last.) Also, her article is a part of a colloquium issue to which Trina Jones, Ann McGinley, and I provided responses.

The titles and citations of the responses are as follows:

  • D. Wendy Greene, “Pretext Without Context”,  75 MO. L. REV. 403 (2010) (*I examine Ash v. Tyson Foods, Inc. and the use of “boy” in race discrimination cases*).
  • Trina Jones, “Anti-Discrimination Law in Peril?”, 75 MO. L. REV. 423 (2010).
  • Ann C. McGinley, “Discrimination Redefined”, 75 MO. L. REV. 443 (2010).


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