Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FLRA's Most Improved Award

Flra As we've noted, the FLRA has had major morale issues for quite some time, although things started looking up recently.  Apparently the new efforts are working, as the FLRA was the most improved agency in the new best places to work in government rankings.   According to the Washington Post's report on the rankings:

Overwhelmingly, the driving factor in the agency's improved standing was the 418 percent surge in the score employees gave the agency's senior leadership. That's in keeping with the findings of the best places survey across government: "The 2010 survey for the fifth time in a row showed the primary driver in the federal space is effective leadership, and in particular, senior leadership." 

[Also] [i]t's impressive how often federal employees refer to their sense of mission when talking about their agencies. They want their service to count. In the case of the FLRA, statistics show tat the job is now getting done:

In fiscal 2009, the agency issued 215 decisions. That's nearly twice as many as from the two previous years combined. The pending case inventory has dropped more than 40 percent since February 2009, and the average waiting time of a pending case is down 35 percent. Staffing is up 10 percent from its lowest level of 118 in fiscal 2008, and the agency's budget is growing.

Hat Tip:  Barry Hirsch


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