Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SEALS Part III: On Ricci

Zimmer Westfaulcon Mmccor Lewis Dagostino Browne

Jeff Hirsch this afternoon moderated a star-studded panel on Where Are We Now After Ricci v. De Stefano?

  • Mike Zimmer: Making lemonade out of the Ricci lemon.
  • Kimberly West-Faulcon (Loyola Los Angeles): The role that testing and merit play in Ricci: Court equates test results with merit.
  • Marcia McCormick (St. Louis): Scalia's equal protection time bomb.
  • Hal Lewis (Mercer): Ricci is a post-1991 Civil Right Act attempt by the Court to eviscerate disparate impact.
  • Robert D'Agostino: The fuss over Ricci is much ado about nothing.
  • Kingsley Browne: Responded to the prior speakers.

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