Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Recently Published Scholarship: EREPJ


Special Issue in Honor of Clyde W. Summers

Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal
Volume 14, Number 1, August 2010

  • Martin H. Malin, Douglas D. Scherer, In Honor of Clyde W. Summers: An Introduction to a Special Symposium, p. 1.
  • Paul H. Tobias, An Employment Lawyer's Tribute to Clyde W. Summers, p. 5.
  • Alfred W. Blumrosen, Clyde W. Summers' Influence on Individual Rights Against Employment Discrimination Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, p. 7.
  • Matthew W. Finkin, Some Further Thoughts on the Usefulness of Comparativism in the Law of Employee Privacy, p. 11.
  • Anne Marie Lofaso, Talking is Worthwhile: The Role of Employee Voice in Protecting, Enhancing, and Encouraging Individual Rights to Job Security in a Collective System, p. 55.
  • Rafael Gely, Ramona L. Paetzold, Leonard Bierman, Educating the United States Supreme Court at Summers' School: A Lesson on the "Special Character of the Animal", p. 93.
  • Michael J. Goldberg, Present at the Creation: Clyde W. Summers and the Field of Union Democracy Law, p. 121.
  • Lea Vandervelde, A Singular Conscience: In Re Summers, p. 153.



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