Monday, July 5, 2010

UPS v. FedEx

FedEx The Washington Post has an interesting article on the political battle between UPS and FedEx over a congressional attempt to bring FedEx under the NLRA.  As many readers know, FedEx's origins as an airline has led it to be covered under the RLA, while UPS has been covered by the more union-friendly NLRA (relatively speaking, of course).  As proof that the RLA is deemed more employer-friendly, both companies have spent millions in an attempt to get FedEx under the NLRA (UPS's position) or to keep it under the RLA (FedEx's position).  The fact that both companies perform essentially the same functions are beside the point.  This appears to be a pure, political brawl.  Stay tuned.


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The issue is not between" FedEx Ground" and UPS as your logo might indicate. FedEx Ground IS covered under NLRA and can unionize just as easily as UPS because they perform very similar functions. The debate is between "FedEx Express" and UPS, because the express division was started in 1973 as an airline and 90% of their freight moves via airplane, not via truck as does UPS. Just wanted to clarify the issue for your readers. ;~)

Posted by: Andrea | Jul 6, 2010 10:05:20 AM

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