Tuesday, July 20, 2010

McLain: Evidentiary Issues in Employment Discrimination Cases

Mclain Lynn McLain (Baltimore) has just posted on SSRN her paper Selected Salient Evidentiary Issues in Employment Discrimination Cases.  Here's the abstract:

This short paper was prepared as a handout for a presentation given for the ALI-ABA and Georgetown CLS, at Georgetown University Law Center. The major sections of the paper are as follows: Significant Relevance for a Nonhearsay Purpose Avoids the Exclusionary Hearsay Rule; “Me, Too,” “He‟s Done It Before,” “Not Me”: Evidence of Character and of Other Acts; Chart: Character Evidence Rules Road Map; Other Sexual Conduct of Plaintiff; Rulings as to Waiver of Attorney-Client Privilege.

This is a six-page "cheat sheet", in outline form, of evidentiary issues that frequently arise in employment discrimination cases.  It's a nice resource for trial lawyers.



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