Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ee Wins $1M in Sexual Orientation Discrimination Suit

Press_logo The Portland Press Herald (Maine) reports that jury has awarded a local man more than $1 million in damages in his refusal-to-promote sexual orientation discrimination lawsuit. 

Apparently, all the managers in a particular department of Express Jet Airlines were gay men.  A group of women applied for a managerial position but were turned down.  They then complained of sex discrimination -- that only gay men could be promoted to managers.  The next opening went to a "real man" (a company executive's words) who subsequently made disparaging comments about gays.  The plaintiff had applied for the position but did not get it.  He sued on the theory that the company wanted the job to go to anybody but a gay man.  

Hat tips to Jen Clemons and to Jotting by an Employer's Lawyer.



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