Friday, June 25, 2010

Recently Published Scholarship: 4-Day Work Week

4-day Redefining Work:  Implications of the Four-Day Work Week

Connecticut Law Review
Volume 42, Number 4 (2010)

The Four-Day Work Week:  Views from the Ground

  • Rex L. Facer II & Lori L. Wadsworth, Four-Day Work Weeks:  Current Research and Practice, p. 1031.
  • Riva Poor, How and Why Flexible Work Weeks Came About, p. 1047.
  • Robert C. Bird, The Four-Day Work Week:  Old Lessons, New Questions, p. 1059.

Rational Choice, Flexibility, and Accommodation in the Work Place

  • Rachel Arnow-Richman, Incenting Flexibility:  The Relationship Between Public Law and Voluntary Action in Enhancing Work/Life Balance, p. 1081. 

Reduced/Compressed Work Weeks:  Who Wins?  Who Loses?

  • Shirley Lung, The Four-Day Work Week:  But What About Ms. Coke, Ms. Upton, and Ms. Blankenship? p. 1119.
  • Michael Z. Green, Unpaid Furloughs and Four-Day Work Weeks:  Employer Sympathy or Call for Collective Employee Action? p. 1139.
  • Lonnie Golden, A Purpose for Every Time?  The Timing and Length of the Work Week and the Implications for Worker Well-Being, p. 1181

Redefining Work:  Possibilities and Perils

  • Vicki Schultz, Feminism and Workplace Flexibility, p. 1203.
  • Michelle A. Travis, What a Difference a Day Makes, or Does It?  Work/Family Balance and the Four-Day Work Week, p. 1223.
  • Katharine B. Silbaugh, Sprawl, Family Rhythms, and the Four-Day Work Week, p. 1267


  • Emily Grabham, Dilemmas of Value in Post-Industrial Economies:  Retrieving Clock Time Through the Four-Day Work Week? p. 1285.

Individual articles from the symposium may be downloaded here (thanks, Hank, for the link!).


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