Sunday, April 11, 2010

Top-10 Labor & Employment Recent SSRN Downloads


  1. Ming M. Zhu, An Empirical Study of Race and Law School Hiring (340).
  2. Susan Carle, A Social Movement History of Title VII Disparate Impact Analysis (146).
  3. Mark C. Weber (photo above), Unreasonable Accommodation and Due Hardship (137).
  4. Meredith Render, Gender Rules (120).
  5. Kelli Kleisinger & Richard A. Bales, The Validity of the Two-Member NLRB (91).
  6. Ellen Dannin, Hoffman Plastics as Labor Law – Equality at Last for Immigrant Workers? (88).
  7. Jeffrey M. Hirsch, Communication Breakdown: Reviving the Role of Discourse in the Regulation of Employee Collective Action (85).
  8. Omri Ben-Shahar & Carl E. Schneider, The Failure of Mandated Disclosure (85).
  9. Edward D. Kleinbard, The Congress within the Congress: How Tax Expenditures Distort our Budget and our Political Processes (83).
  10. Robert Flannigan, Fact-Based Fiduciary Accountability in Canada (79).

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