Saturday, April 3, 2010

Top-10 Labor & Employment Recent SSRN Downloads


  1. John E. Core & Wayne R. Guay, Is There a Case for Regulating Executive Pay in the Financial Services Industry? (201).
  2. Jennifer G. Hill (photo above), New Trends in the Regulation of Executive Remuneration (144).
  3. Susan Carle, A Social Movement History of Title VII Disparate Impact Analysis (140).
  4. Mark C. Weber, Unreasonable Accommodation and Due Hardship (120).
  5. Meredith Render, Gender Rules (115).
  6. Robert DeYoung, Meng Yan, & Emma Y. Peng, Executive Compensation and Business Policy Choices at U.S. Commercial Banks (94).
  7. Kelli Kleisinger & Richard A. Bales, The Validity of the Two-Member NLRB (91).
  8. Ellen Dannin, Hoffman Plastics as Labor Law – Equality at Last for Immigrant Workers? (82).
  9. David E. Bernstein & Thomas C. (Tim) Leonard, Excluding Unfit Workers: Social Control Versus Social Justice in the Age of Economic Reform (81).
  10. Jeffrey M. Hirsch, Communication Breakdown: Reviving the Role of Discourse in the Regulation of Employee Collective Action (81).

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