Saturday, April 17, 2010

More Male Sexual Harassment Claims

EEOC Recent EEOC and BLS data is showing an increase in the number of sexual harassment claims filed by men.  Such claims have gone up 12% over the last three years and now stand at 16.4% of all sexual harassment claims filed with the EEOC.  Part of the reason may be that more men have lost their jobs during the recession and, as readers know, when it's harder to find work, employment claims tend to rise.  Indeed, states with particularly severe unemployment--like California, West Virginia, and Michigan have seen a comparably problem with male harassment claims.  Although, interestingly, the highest rate is Utah, which has a low unemployment rate, but sees 32.% of its sexual harassment claims being made by men. 

Anecdotal evidence also indicates more male-on-male harassment claims.  Not clear why the rise though.

Hat Tip:  Lindsay Murchison


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