Tuesday, December 15, 2009

NYT Has 411 on Unemployment Compensation Benefits

Cash_register Bucks, the New York Times blog on making the most of your money, has this informative post (fourth of a series) on the ins and outs of unemployment compensation benefits.  It is tilted a little towards New York law, but some of the principles apply across the United States.

Here is a sample of the helpful Q&A with Andrew Stettner, Deputy Director of the National Employment Law Project (NELP):


I am on extended benefits now, receiving fairly good benefits based on my salary as an executive in the financial services sector. I live in an area of the state that is more job-depressed than average, and the only positions I can even apply for are barely over minimum wage. I job search exhaustively, but with no luck, and so must submit my résumé to these lesser-paying positions. If it should happen, must I accept a job offer that pays me less than what I am receiving on the extended benefits program?
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While the work search rules under the extended benefits program are stricter than regular state unemployment benefits, for an offer of work to be considered suitable, it must pay wages at least equal to you weekly benefit rate.

Needless to say, some helpful advice on this post when too many out there are finding it necessary to learn more about unemployment benefits.

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