Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Recently Published Scholarship: Civil Rights and the Low-Wage Worker

The University of Chicago Legal Forum, volume 2009
Civil Rights and the Low-Wage Worker

  • Noah D. Zatz, "The Minimum Wage as a Civil Rights Protection: An Alternative to Antipoverty Arguments?" p. 1.
  • David A. Weisbach, "Toward a New Approach to Disability Law," p.47.Maria L. Ontiveros, "Labor Union Coalition Challenges to Governmental Action: Defending the Civil Rights of Low-Wage Workers," p. 103.Michael Selmi, "Unions, Education, and the Future of Low-Wage Workers," p.147.
  • Scott L. Cummings, Steven A. Boutcher, "Mobilizing Local Government Law for Low-Wage Workers," p.187.
  • Kathleen Kim, "The Trafficked Worker as Private Attorney General: A Model for Enforcing the Civil Rights of Undocumented Workers," p. 247.
  • Devah Pager, Bruce Western, David Pedulla, "Employment Discrimination and the Changing Landscape of Low-Wage Labor Markets," p. 317.
  • Leticia M. Saucedo, "Three Theories of Discrimination in the Brown Collar Workplace," p.345.
  • Michael A. Stoll, "Ex-Offenders, Criminal Background Checks, and the Racial Consequences in the Labor Market," p.381.
  • Ruben J. Garcia, "Toward Fundemental Change for the Protection of Low-Wage Workers: The 'Workers' Rights are Human Rights' Debates in the Obama Era," p.421.
  • Benjamin F. Burry, "Testing Economic Reality: FLSA and Title VII Protection for Workfare Participants," p.561.


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Dear person--I do not know how to locate the law review articles listed above in the Westlaw web site. That site requires a volume number, the name of the law review, and the page number. That is not given above.

Posted by: Leroy Clark | Nov 18, 2009 8:41:50 AM

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