Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Labor and Employment Law Listservs for Law Professors

Computer A number of people have asked me for a list of current listservs open to law professors discussing the various sub-topics within the labor and employment law field.  This type of information often changes with list administrators moving to new schools or new administrators taking over. If new information is know, please provide in comments.

Below is the name of the each of the listservs, the address of the listserv, and who you should contact if you are interested in joining one of these lists.  Adjuncts, visitors, and others in residence are welcome on most lists, but non-law-professors are not permitted to join on most lists. Nevertheless, interested individuals should check with the individual listserv administrators.

Employment Discrimination Law    empdiscr    [email protected]  Paul Secunda

                                                                                                                      ([email protected])

Work Law                                    worklaw    [email protected]  Marty Malin

                                                                                                                       ([email protected])

Employee Benefits                       benefitsprof-l          [email protected]    Barry Kozak

                                                                                                                     ([email protected])

Disability Law                               aalsdisabilitylaw    [email protected]  Ani Satz

                                                                                                                       ([email protected])

ADR/Arbitration                             aals-adr-l            [email protected]       John Lande

                                                                                                                        ([email protected])

If readers know of other subject-specific listservs, please make mention of them in the comments.


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