Thursday, September 10, 2009

Atleson's Work Featured in Buffalo Law Review

Atleson_james Thanks to Dianne Avery for bringing to my attention that The Buffalo Law Review has just published a symposium edition on the work of Professor Jim Atleson at 57 Buffalo L. Rev. (May 2009) . 

Here are the contents of that edition of the Review:

Symposium on James Atleson, Values and Assumptions in American Labor Law, A Twenty-fifth Anniversary Retrospective

Introduction: James B. Atleson and the World of Labor Law Scholarship Dianne Avery and Alfred S. Konefsky

Values and Assumptions of the Bush NLRB: Trumping Workers' Rights Wilma B. Liebman

Class Conflicts of Law II:  Solidarity, Entrepreneurship, and the Deep Agenda of the Obama NLRB James Gray Pope

The Value of Values and Assumptions to a Practicing Lawyer Virginia A. Seitz

Some Personal Observations About Values and Assumptions:
What Can Jim Teach Wilma and the Board?
Robert J. Rabin

Unexpected Convergence: Values, Assumptions, and the Right to Strike in Public and Private Sectors, 1945-2005 Joseph A. McCartin

Still Unjaded: Jim Atleson’s Twenty-first Century Turn to International Labor Law Lance Compa

The Hollowing Out of Corporate Canada:
Implications for Transnational Labor Law, Policy and Practice Harry Arthurs

Transnationalizing the Values and Assumptions of American Labor Law Kerry Rittich

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