Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hodges Receives University Award


Ann Hodges (Richmond) has received a 2009 Distinguished Educator Award from the University of Richmond.  Distinguished Educator Awards "recognize full-time faculty for a consistent record of outstanding contributions to education, particularly teaching leadership. Recipients have successfully integrated teaching and scholarship and have a significant record of research or creativity with students."

Ann, who joined the School of Law faculty in 1988, is an innovative teacher who brings student-led research and real-world experience into the classroom. She is a national authority on labor and employment law -- she just finished Principles of Employment Law (ThomsonWest 2009) (with Rafael Gely, Peggie Smith and Susan Stabile).  In 1996, Ann founded the Legal Information Network for Cancer (LINC), which has provided free legal counsel to more than 4,000 cancer patients. In 2005, with the leadership of Hodges and co-instructor Adjunct Prof. Phyllis Katz, the students in their Law of Nonprofit Organizations class created the NonProfit Manual, a now widely used basic guide on starting a nonprofit organization.

Congrats, Ann!


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Congrats, Ann!

Posted by: Joseph Slater | Sep 6, 2009 2:21:45 PM

Bravo to Ann, one of the good souls in this business of ours.

Posted by: David Yamada | Sep 7, 2009 7:59:29 AM

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