Saturday, August 1, 2009

SSRN Top-10 List of Recent Employment & Labor Downloads


  1. Lucian A. Bebchuk & Holger Spamann, Regulating Bankers' Pay (1753).
  2. Susan Mangiero, ERISA Litigation Study (210).
  3. Wei-Yin Hu, Who Should Save in a Roth 401(K)? (It’s Not Just About Tax Rates) (209).
  4. Michael S. Lynk, Labour Law and the New Inequality (122).
  5. Guido A. Ferrarini (photo above), Niamh Moloney, & Maria-Cristina Ungureanu, Understanding Directors' Pay in Europe: A Comparative and Empirical Analysis (116).
  6. Kathleen J. Mullen, Richard G. Frank, & Meredith B. Rosenthal, Can You Get What You Pay For? Pay-for-Performance and the Quality of Healthcare Providers (95).
  7. Thomas D. Jeitschko & Byung-Cheol Kim, Signaling, Learning and Screening Prior to Trial: A Theory of Preliminary Injunctions (93).
  8. Charles A. Sullivan, Raising the Dead? The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (83).
  9. Suja A. Thomas, Frivolous Cases (76).
  10. Robert S. Chang & Adrienne D. Davis, Making Up is Hard to Do: Race/Gender/Sexual Orientation in the Law School Classroom (75).


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