Monday, August 24, 2009

Labor/Employment Law & Economics


Congratulations to Ken Dau-Schmidt, Seth Harris, and Orly Lobel on the publication of their book (Edward Elgar Publishing) Labor and Employment Law and Economics.  Here's a brief description from the publisher:

The economic analysis of labor and employment law is a bold effort to apply economic theory to explain important empirical facts about the regulation of the employment relationship and to provide positive predictions and normative analyses that are useful to policy-makers.  This book draws together twenty-four chapters, by leading scholars in the field, summarizing the important theoretical and empirical work that has been done to date on a wide spectrum of labor and employment law topics including: regulating employment contracts, unions, collective bargaining, minimum wages, health insurance, executive pay, workers’ compensation, unemployment, occupational health and safety, discrimination, needs of families, training and slave labor, to name but a few.


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