Monday, August 3, 2009

FMLA Podcasts

FMLAJeff Nowak, a labor and employment attorney at Franczek Radelet (a labor and employment boutique in Chicago), directs our attention to an FMLA resource web site which he created and update along with his colleagues.  He writes:

The site, which is "recent" and therefore a work in progress, provides resources to attorneys on the FMLA.  Notably, we recently began running on the site a monthly "FMLA Insights Podcast," where we address a common FMLA situation in a brief podcast, which you can listen to from our Web site, or download to your computer or audio player.   From what I can tell, these are the only FMLA podcasts of their kind available on the Internet, so I thought they might be a good resource for your readers.  Moreover, I would appreciate your constructive feedback if you care to listen to them!

 Here are the links to Jeff's June and July FMLA podcasts:

June 2009: "We didn't designate a leave of absence as FMLA Leave ... now what?"

July 2009: "Can we require a doctor's note for each FMLA absence?" 

Great resource. Check them out!


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