Saturday, June 6, 2009

SSRN Top-10 List of Recent Employment & Labor Downloads


  1. Andrew P. Morriss, William T. Bogart, Andrew Dorchak, & Roger E. Meiners, Green Jobs Myths (1137).
  2. David A. Hyman, Employment-Based Health Insurance and Universal Coverage: Four Things People Know That Aren't So (516).
  3. Mitchell H. Rubinstein, Obama's Big Deal: The 2009 Federal Stimulus - Labor and Employment Law at the Crossroads (210).
  4. Hermann J. Stern, Making Bonus Systems Fair and Crisis Proof (178).
  5. Karen C. Burke, Fuzzy Math and Carried Interests: Making Two and Twenty Equal 710 (106).
  6. Jonathan Barry Forman (photo above), Funding Public Pension Plans (104).
  7. Scott A. Moss & Peter H. Huang, How the New Economics Can Improve Discrimination Law, and How Economics Can Survive the Demise of the 'Rational Actor' (97).
  8. Brian D. Cadman, Mary Ellen Carter, Katerina Semida, Compensation Peer Groups and Their Relation with CEO Compensation (95).
  9. Gordon L. Clark & Roger Urwin, Innovative Models of Pension Fund Governance in the Context of the Global Financial Crisis (95).
  10. Ana M. Albuquerque, Gus De Franco, & Rodrigo S. Verdi, Peer Choice in CEO Compensation (88).


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