Saturday, March 14, 2009

SSRN Top-10 List of Recent Employment & Labor Downloads

Weller Wenger

  1. Orly Lobel & On Amir, Stumble, Predict, Nudge: How Behavioral Economics Informs Law and Policy (244).
  2. Suja A. Thomas, The Fallacy of Dispositive Procedure (112).
  3. Isaac B. Rosenberg, Height Discrimination in Employment (102).
  4. Christian E. Weller (left) & Jeffrey B. Wenger (right), Prudent Investors: The Asset Allocation of Public Pension Plans (98).
  5. Deborah Widiss, Shadow Precedents and the Separation of Powers: Statutory Interpretation of Congressional Overrides (98).
  6. Jeffrey M. Hirsch, Revolution in Pragmatist Clothing: Nationalizing Workplace Law (95).
  7. Elizabeth M. Glazer & Zachary A. Kramer, Trans Fat (94).
  8. Nicholas Barr & Peter A. Diamond, Reforming Pensions (93).
  9. M. Todd Henderson, The Nanny Corporation and the Market for Paternalism (88).
  10. Matteo Tonello, The Role of the Board in Turbulent Times: Overseeing Risk Management and Executive Compensation (85).


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