Monday, March 9, 2009

Recently Published Scholarship

Fink Smithbutler



  • Jessica Fink (left), Unintended Consequences: How Antidiscrimination Litigation Increases Group Bias in Employer-Defendants, 38 New Mexico L. Rev. 333 (2008).
  • Lisa Smith-Butler (center), Workplace Privacy: We'll Be Watching You, 35 Ohio N.U. L. Rev. 53 (2009).
  • Sandra F. Sperino (right), The "Disappearing" Dilemma: Why Agnecy Principles Should Now Take Center Stage in Retaliation Cases, 57 Kan. L. Rev. 157 (2008).
  • Albert Feuer, Will the Supreme Court Reinforce or Undermine Basic ERISA Principles When It Decides a Death Benefit Dispute?, 3 Charleston L. Rev. 289 (2009).
  • Richard Bales & Jamie Ireland, Federal Question Jurisdiction and the Federal Arbitration Act, 80 Colorado L. Rev. 89 (2009).

Student Scholarship

  • Katherine Crytzer, You're Fired! Bishop v. Wood: When Does a Letter in a Former Public Employee's  Personnel File Deny a Due Process Liberty Right?, 16 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 447 (2009).
  • Sean Ratliff, Independent Investigations: An Inequitable Out for Employers in Cat's Paw Cases, 80 Colorado L. Rev. 255 (2009).
  • Christopher W. Robbins, The Siren's Call of Substantive Predatory Lending Reform: Why Procedural Reform Modeled on Workers' Compensation Will Improve and Stabilize the Mortgage Industry, 35 Ohio N.U. L. Rev. 295 (2009).
  • Nathan Treadwell, Restoring Balance to HMO Coverage Disputes: Fair Procedures and Judicial Review Under ERISA Regulations, 35 Ohio N.U. L. Rev. 331 (2009).

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