Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Company that Needs a New HR Department

Hr Blogger emeritus Paul Secunda has let us know about a recent Slate column that involves an employee who has had to deal with a co-worker who repeatedly engaged in "solo activity usually done in the bedroom" while she was nearby (now we know what Paul is spending his time reading with his new free time).  Surprisingly, the noteworthy aspect of this isn't the co-worker's behavior--it's the HR manager's response to the employee's complaint.  The HR manager wouldn't do anything until the employee could get the manager to catch the co-worker in the act (which was especially difficult because the activity apparently stopped as soon as the employee left her cubicle).  It's unbelievable that anyone who has spent more than five minutes preparing to be an HR official would react in this way.  I see a lawsuit coming.


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