Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Regulating for Decent Work Call for Abstracts

Ilo Colin Fenwick (ILO, formerly at Melbourne Law School) has let us know about an upcoming conference and call for abstracts/papers.  The event is the Conference on Regulating for Decent Work, which is intended to explore whether retreating or reinforcing labor laws is the best means for future social and economic progress.  The conference will take place in July 2009 and there is a call for abstracts for papers presented at the conference:

[A]bstracts are requested for an international Conference on Regulating for Decent Work: Innovative Regulation as a Response to Globalization to be held in the International Labour Office, Geneva from 8-10 July 2009.

In line with the objectives of the RDW network, the Conference will explore responses to current deregulatory agendas and examine techniques for strengthening regulatory measures in substance or scope and heightening their influence on the practices of working life. Researchers from all regions are encouraged to attend and from a range of disciplines including law, economics, industrial relations, development studies, sociology and geography.

Abstracts for papers are invited that address one or more of the Conference Themes outlined below. The papers will address central features of the contemporary debates on labour market regulation, and will therefore be expected to include contributions on the measurement and comparison of domestic labour standards; the impact and influence of labour laws; the regulation of ‘non-traditional’ workers and employers (‘non-standard’ and ‘informal’ working relationships, small- and micro- enterprises etc.); the role of labour law in developing economies; innovative or overlooked modes of regulation (public procurement, financial incentives etc.); and the relationship between public and private regulatory initiatives and multi-stakeholder alliances. In line with the objectives of the RDW network, papers are particularly welcome that address regulatory domains beyond the ‘core’ labour standards of the ILO’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and in particular on the regulation of wages, working hours, work/family, health and safety, security of employment and social protection, including the ability of vulnerable workers to access these labour rights.

Abstracts should be submitted to They will be subject to a competitive review process. It is expected that an edited volume will be produced that will draw on selected Conference papers.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 31st January 2009
Deadline for submission of final paper: 31st May 2009

Guidelines for abstracts
o Abstracts should be a maximum of 400 words including references and appendices.
o Each abstract should include:
o the paper title;
o names and institutional affiliations of all authors;
o the contact address and email of the correspondence author;
o the proposed Conference track.
o Abstracts should be submitted as a single-spaced Word document formatted to A4 size in 12 point Arial font.
o Guidelines for final papers will be communicated to the authors of selected abstracts.

There's plenty more information in the formal conference announcement.


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