Monday, January 19, 2009

Recently Published Scholarship

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  • Timothy P. Glynn (left), Interjurisdictional Competition in Enforcing Noncompetition Agreements: Regulatory Risk Management and the Race to the Bottom, 65 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 1381 (2008).
  • Task Force, Legal Employers Taking the Lead: Enhancing Employment Opportunities for the Previously Incarcerated, 63 The Record 593 (2008).

Student Scholarship

  • Paul Trapani, Old Presumptions Never Die: Rethinking the Steelworkers Trilogy's Presumption of Arbitration in Deciding the Arbitrability of Side Letters, 83 Tulane L. Rev. 559 (2008).
  • Abbey M. Glenn, Waive FMLA Claims and Wave Goodbye to Statutory Protection: Allowing Employees to Waive the Right to Sue Takes the Teeth Out of the Family and Medical Leave Act, 43 U.S.F.L. Rev. 171 (2008).
  • Brooke Sikora Purcell (right), Undocumented and Working: Reconciling the Disconnect Between U.S. Immigration Policy and Employment Benefits Available to Undocumented Workers, 43 U.S.F.L. Rev. 197 (2008).


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