Tuesday, January 20, 2009

LLG UC-Hastings Symposium on Proposed Restatement

Marty Malin (Chicago-Kent) posted this announcement on the Employment discrimination list serv. The Proposed Employment Law Restatement is something we've blogged about before, and this conference (and the project) is likely to be of interest to most readers of this blog:

Dear Colleagues:


Please excuse the short notice.  The Labor Law Group and the University of California Hastings College of Law and cosponsoring a one-day symposium on the proposed Restatement of Employment Law on Saturday, February 7, 2009 at UC-Hastings.  There is no charge for attending this symposium but advance registration is required.  To register, send an e-mail Labor Law Group Chair Ken Dau-Schmidt at kdauschm@indiana.edu. A block of rooms has been reserved at the Hotel Whitcomb, near UC Hastings, at the rate of $65 per night plus tax.  To reserve a room at this rate, call the hotel at 415 626-8000 during regular business hours (Pacific Time) and mention that you are attending "The ALI Restatement Conference" hosted by the "Labor Law Group" and UC-Hastings Law School. To insure the conference rate and room availability, your room reservations must be made by 5:00 pm PST, January 25, 2009.

The Labor Law Group has organized three working groups, one each on the three chapters of the proposed Restatement that are available in draft form. The working groups are:


Chapter 1, Existence of the Employment Relationship;


Dennis Nolan, Chair

Alvin Goldman

Ted St. Antoine

Joseph Slater


 Chapter 2, Employment Contracts Termination;


Matt Finkin, Chair

§ 2.01 Lea VanderVelde

§§ 2.02-2.03 Bill Corbett

§§ 2.04-2.05 Steve Befort

§2.06 Matt Finkin


Chapter 4, The Tort of Wrongful Discipline in Violation of Public Policy


Joe Grodin, Chair

§ 4.01: Pauline Kim and Catherine Fisk

§ 4.02: Roberto Corrado and Rick Bales

§ 4.03 Paul Secunda


At the symposium, representatives of the working groups will present their analyses followed by responders commenting on the analyses.  The responders are Rachael Arnow-Richman, Allan Hyde and Marley Weiss.


The conference schedule is as follows:

Conference on the Proposed Restatement of Employment Law
Schedule of Events

Saturday February 7, 2009

7:30-8-30 a.m. Continental Breakfast at UC-Hastings Law School

8:30- 8:45 am Welcome by Dean Nell

8:45- 9:00 am Prefatory Comments Ken Dau-Schmidt,
Chair of the Labor Law Group

Session 1: Chapter 1-- The Definition of Employee
9:00-10:00 am Comments by the Working Committee on Chapter 1
Dennis Nolan, University of South Carolina, Chair

10:00-10:30 am Response

10:30- 10:50 am Break

Session 2: Chapter 2
10:50- 11:50 am Comments by the Working Committee on Chapter 2
                       Matt Finkin, University of Illinois, Chair

11:50- 12:20 pm Response

12:30- 2:00pm Lunch

Session 3: Chapter 4
2:00- 3:00 pm Comments by the Working Committee on Chapter 4
                       Joseph Grodin, University of California-Hastings, Chair
3:00-3:30 pm Response

3:30-4:30 pm Reception

Proceedings of the symposium will be published in Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal.  Again, to register for the symposium e-mail Ken Dau-Schmidt (there is no registration fee) at kdauschm@indiana.edu and be sure to call the hotel by January 25 to reserve a room at the conference rate.  We hope to see you in San Francisco on February 7.




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