Thursday, January 22, 2009

Labor Standards and the World Trade Organization

GlobeWhile we're on the subject of the global workplace, Patrick S. O'Donnell at Ratio Juris had a very interesting post recently on the WTO, Core ILO Standards and Human Rights. Patrick wrote the post in response to the question asked by Roger Alford at Opinio Juris, Why is the Environment More Important than Human Rights?

Patrick's post contains a wealth of information on the international bodies and instruments that provide a structure for international cooperation and the use of international pressure in the areas of trade, labor, and their intersection. He also provides an excellent explanation of why the WTO standards end up protecting the environment more than human rights by allowing countries more power to refuse to import products that were produced in a way that harms the environment than to refuse to import products that were produced in ways that injured the lives or health of workers. Finally, the post suggests sources that provide suggestions on how to link human rights, International Labour Organization core standards, and the WTO. And in classic form, he provides a wealth of resources for further reading.


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