Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SSRN Top-10 List of Recent Employment & Labor Downloads


  1. David C. Yamada, Workplace Bullying and Ethical Leadership (508).
  2. Anup K. Basu, Alistair Byrne, & Michael E. Drew, Dynamic Lifecycle Strategies for Target Date Retirement Funds (156).
  3. Francine J. Lipman, The Undocumented Immigrant Tax (136).
  4. David C. Yamada, Human Dignity and American Employment Law (115).
  5. Edward A. Zelinsky, Employer Mandates and ERISA Preemption: A Critique of Golden Gate Restaurant Association v. San Francisco (102).
  6. David J. Doorey, Union Access to Workers During Union Organizing Campaigns: A New Look through the Lens of Health Services (96).
  7. Katherine Van Wezel Stone, John R. Commons and the Origins of Legal Realism; or, the Other Tragedy of the Commons (94).
  8. Gaobo Pang & Mark J. Warshawshy, Comparing Strategies for Retirement Wealth Management: Mutual Funds and Annuities (84).
  9. Brian D. Galle (photo above), Do Hidden Taxes Increase Welfare? (73).
  10. Simon Deakin, Legal Origin, Juridical Form, and Industrialisation in Historical Perspective: The Case of the Employment Contract and the Joint-Stock Company (72).



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