Saturday, December 13, 2008

SSRN Top-10 List of Recent Employment & Labor Downloads

Zelinsky_ed_2 Stone

  1. David C. Yamada, Workplace Bullying and Ethical Leadership (428).
  2. James A. Wooten, A Legislative and Political History of ERISA Preemption, Part 3 (109).
  3. David C. Yamada, Human Dignity and American Employment Law (105).
  4. Michael H. LeRoy, Crowning the New King: The Statutory Arbitrator and the Demise of Judicial Review (102).
  5. Anup K. Basu, Alistaire Byrne, & Michael E. Drew, Dynamic Lifecycle Strategies for Target Date Retirement Funds (93).
  6. Patrick Macklem, Indigenous Recognition in International Law: Theoretical Observations (91).
  7. Edward A. Zelinsky (left), Employer Mandates and ERISA Preemption: A Critique of Golden Gate Restaurant Association v. San Francisco (91).
  8. David J. Doorey, Union Access to Workers During Union Organizing Campaigns: A New Look through the Lens of Health Services (84).
  9. Mark N. Mercer, Roth Retirement Accounts: A Practitioner's Approach (80).
  10. Katherine Van Wezel Stone (right), John R. Commons and the Origins of Legal Realism; or, the Other Tragedy of the Commons (78).


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