Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Recently Published Scholarship

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  • Raja Raghunath, Stacking the Deck: Privileging “Employer Free Choice” Over Industrial Democracy in the Card-Check Debate, 87, Nebraska L. Rev.329 (2008).
  • Nantiya Ruan, Accommodating Respectful Religious Expression in the Workplace, 92 Marquette L. Rev. 1 (2008).
  • Scott L. Cummings, Law in the Labor Movement’s Challenge to Wal-Mart: A Case Study of the Inglewood Site Fight, 95 California L. Rev. 1927 (2007).
  • Leonard M. Niehoff, Peculiar Marketplace: Applying Garcett v. Ceballos in the Public Higher Education Context, 35 The J.College Univ. L.75 (2008). Butzel Long P.C.

Student Scholarship

  • Joan M. Shepard, The Family Medical Leave Act: Calculating the “Hours of Service” For the Reinstated Employee, 92 Marquette L. Rev. 173 (2008).
  • Roberto Concepcion Jr., Organizational Citizenship Through Talent Management: An Alternative Framework to Diversity in Private Practice, 42 Columbia J.L. & Social Problems 43 (2008).
  • Adam J. Bernstein, Retaliatory Litigation Conduct after Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Company v. White, 42 Columbia J.L.& Social Problems 91 (2008).


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