Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Recently Published Scholarship

Articles from the Second Annual Colloquium of Scholarship in Labor and Employment Law

University of Colorado Law Review
Volume 79, Issue 4, 2008

  • Richard Moberly, Protecting Whistleblowers by Contract, p. 975.
  • Alex B. Long, Retaliatory Discharge and the Ethical Rules Governing Attorneys, p. 1043.
  • Paul M. Secunda, Whither the Pickering Rights of Federal Employees?, p. 1101.
  • Ann C. McGinley, Creating Masculine Identities:  Bullying and Harassment 'Because of Sex', p. 1151.
  • Michael J. Zimmer, A Chain of Inferences Proving Discrimination, p. 1243.
  • Jessica L. Roberts, Accommodating the Female Body:  A Disability Paradigm of Sex Discrimination, p. 1297.
  • Matthew T. Bodie, Mother Jones Meets Gordon Gekko:  The Complicated Relationship Between Labor and Private Equity, p. 1317.
  • D. Wendy Greene, Title VII:  What's Hair (and Other Race-Based Characteristics) Got to Do with It?, p. 1355.



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