Friday, October 3, 2008

WPB Cage Match: Hirsch and Secunda on Workplace Federalism

Hirsch_3 Paulsecunda It's not quite Thunderdome, but our very own Jeff Hirsch and Paul Secunda face off in the online companion to Penn's law review, Pennumbra. The debate, on Workplace Federalism is an excellent one. Pennumbra's teaser says,

Paul Secunda and Jeffrey Hirsch debate whether it is the federal government or the states who are best able to protect the rights of workers. Professor Secunda argues that the states should serve as laboratories to “engage in thoughtful, legislative experimentation” in labor and employment laws. Professor Hirsch counters that such a proposal would exacerbate the problems with the current underenforcement of workers’ rights and, instead, the federal government should be given exclusive control of the workplace, under a single system of enforcement and regulation.

Read the whole thing. It's great work.


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Agree or disagree - one of your regular posters - W. James Young is arguing the Locke case next week.

Posted by: Per Son | Oct 3, 2008 12:22:24 PM

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