Monday, October 27, 2008

Bloch is Out as Special Counsel

Bloch File under "what took so long?"  Scott Bloch is finally out as Special Counsel.  As we've detailed before, Bloch's tenure as Special Counsel has been marred by numerous allegations of misconduct, which culminated in a FBI raid of his office.  Although he was initially allowed to announce that he would fill out his term, apparently the White House finally decided to force him out.  As reported by the Washington Post:

Bloch had refused persistent demands from lawmakers and his own employees to leave before the end of the Bush administration, writing to the president on Monday that he would fulfill his five-year term and exit in January. Citing the Greek playwright Sophocles and defending his tenure at the office designed to protect whistleblowers, Bloch wrote that "doing the right thing can result in much criticism and controversy from every side."

Employees learned of Bloch's removal at a hastily called 4 p.m. meeting when they were instructed not to accept his phone calls and told that he no longer had access to the office. The interim chief will be William E. Reukauf, a career employee, according to a White House news release.  In recent weeks several of Bloch's top deputies have left the office, blaming untenable workplace conditions and distractions that stemmed from the criminal investigation.

It's unbelievable that it took this long, but I guess better late than never.


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