Friday, August 1, 2008

SEALS: Title VII Retaliation

Nsw_012 In the final labor/employment panel at SEALS this year, Rebecca White (second, Georgia) moderated a panel on The Impact of Retaliation in the Workplace After Burlington Northern v. White.  Henry Chambers (left, Richmond) spoke on "What is the nature of Title VII claims?", providing an overview of recent Supreme Court cases and suggesting some possible ways those cases might be reconciled.  Michael Green (right, Texas Wesleyan) discussed retaliatory aspects of compelling arbitration of employment discrimination claims.  Rhonda Reaves (center, Florida A&M) spoke on retaliatory harassment: the intersection of sexual harassment and retaliation law. 
Michael Zimmer (fourth, Loyola Chicago) attempted to reconcile recent Supreme Court cases by suggesting precedent and the unitary-executive theory as a method of explaining the seemingly inconsistent opinions of some of the Justices.


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