Thursday, August 7, 2008

Recently Published Scholarship: Hofstra LELJ

Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal
Volume 25, No. 1, Fall 2007


  • Scott Burris & Kathryn Moss, The Employment Discrimination Provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act: Implementation and Impact, p. 1.
  • David G. Karro, Common Sense About Common Claims, p. 33.
  • Thomas D. Brierton & Peter Bowal, The Creative Necessity Defense, Free Speech, and California Sexual Harassment Law, p. 63.
  • Ellen Dannin & Gangaram Singh, More Than Just a Cool T-Shirt: What We Don't Know About Collective Bargaining--But Should--To Make Organizing Effective, p. 93.

Practitioners' Notes

  • Naomi C. Earp, Forty-Three and Counting:  EEOC's Challenges and Successes and Emerging Trends in the Employment Arena, p. 133.
  • Maureen S. Binetti, Romance in the Workplace: When 'Love' Becomes Litigation, p. 153.
  • Mark A. Carter & Shawn P. Burton, The Criminal Element of Neutrality Agreements, p. 173.
  • John R. Bunker, An Offer They Can't Refuse: Crafting an Employer's Immigration Compliance Program, p. 199.

Book Review

  • Cynthia Estlund, Solidarity and Betrayal in the North Woods: A Review of Strike! by Julius Getman, p. 223.


  • Michael Gibek & Joshua Shteierman, The "No-Match" Letter Rule: A Mismatch Between the Department of Homeland Security and Society Security Administration in Worksite Immigration Law Enforcement, p. 233.
  • David L.Adamson, The Discharge of Sexual Harassment Judgments in Bankruptcy Court: An Attempt to Right a "Grave Injustice", p. 283.
  • Sheila Hatami and David Zwerin, Educating the Masses: Expanding Title VII to Include Sexual Orientation in the Education Arean, p. 311.


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