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Empowering Women in Jordan

Gec_2 Earlier this month, a coalition of organizations began a gender equality campaign (including workplace equality) in Jordan. According to an article in the Jordan Times,

Sponsored by several organisations including the King Hussein Foundation, the Women’s Studies Centre at the University of Jordan and the Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development, GEC aims to change attitudes towards both men and women.

“We want to reach a point where a girl can walk down the street without anyone bothering her, and where a guy is able to enter a mall without having to accompany a girl,” Kilani told The Jordan Times on Saturday.

Symbolising this goal, the GEC logo consists of a pink strip, representing women, beside a blue strip for men, both the same length.

According to the press release, via Tololy's Box:

Gender Equality Campaign

This campaign was created as part of an initiative by a group of young Jordanians who are committed to the idea of justice and equality for the women and men of Jordan. The main purpose of the Gender Equality Campaign is to educate the public in Jordan about Women’s Rights and to mobilize the community to take action to address this human rights issue in Jordan.

The vision for the campaign is to increase the level of awareness and commitment to women’s rights in Jordanian society. Furthermore, the mission is to create a channel for a broad based dialogue about the rights and roles of women in Jordan.

Contact Details:

Lulwa Al-Kilani     Dina Liddawi

Gender Equality Campaigner   Gender Equality Campaigner

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +962 77 90 6 90 40   Telephone: +962 77 9999 187

As part of that campaign, volunteers took the conversation to the streets, literally, speaking with people about gender and equality. And yesterday, HRH Princess Basma spoke at a ceremony launching a

a joint Jordanian-Danish project on “engendering the public sphere”, Princess Basma expressed hope that the initiative will pave the way to improve the conditions of working women.

In her address, Princess Basma highlighted discrimination against women in the workplace.

She said previous experience by the Jordanian National Commission for Women (JNCW) in gender mainstreaming revealed that organisational cultures are often discriminatory and hinder gender equality within institutions and businesses.

Voicing optimism that the initiative will work to change this culture, the Princess said the project will address such imbalances and strengthen mechanisms within management structures in both the private and public sectors to address gender issues at policy-making and administrative levels.

Overcoming challenges that face women in the public sphere is of critical importance for the country to move forward, she noted.

Exciting developments.


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I think the project you are working on is a must for all Jordanian women today.
I just visited the website and read through their most recent research report about working women in the Middle East.
Their figures are real proof that women in the Middle East are advancing rapidly but especially and amazingly working GCC Nationals! The report actually shows that 75% of GCC National women are working for a sense of achievement against 72% who are working towards monetary independence. These women have obviously become an integral component in their countries’ ongoing progress and well being, and I do wish for anything less for us Jordanian working women.

Posted by: dima sammach | Oct 5, 2008 11:54:30 PM

Since Im a Jordanian girl living in Jordan I saw how important it is for women to have a voice and power to live in this manly community thats when i decided to choose the subject of impowering young Jordanian women as my MA topic and I could use any possible help with this maybe names of organaisations and some hidden problems that not alot of people talk about.
thanks alot and this is my e-mail([email protected])

Posted by: aseel | Oct 24, 2008 4:47:34 AM

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