Friday, February 8, 2008

Shout Out to New Blog: The Faculty Lounge

43universityclubunion A stellar group of bloggers has started a new law professor blog called The Faculty Lounge.  The group is led by Dan Filler (Drexel), formerly of Concurring Opinions, and Al Brophy (Property Prof), Kathleen Bergin (First Amendment Prof), Laura Appleman, Kevin Noble Maillard, and Calvin Massey.

Here is a taste of the welcome post from Dan (the rest is here):

I set out to find a new space for myself in the blogosphere.  In the course of that search I came upon friends and fellow travelers with the same urge.  We imagined a blog that shamelessly embraced  both high theory and pop culture.   A blog that accepted the all-too-true reality that everyone is too damn busy to read anything that isn't engaging.  A blog with multiple voices, some newer and some older. 

It seemed to me that we wanted to recreate the experience of a faculty lounge.   Where sometimes people are talking about a great new paper on SSRN, other times they're lamenting the loss of a wonderful colleague to a competitor school, and once in a while they're just amused by a funny bumper sticker they saw on the way to work.  Where the senior colleague adds  non-dairy creamer to his java while his youthful colleague steeps her organic hemp tea.  And where you never know where the conversations will go next.  Welcome to the Lounge.  We hope you'll poke your head in sometimes to see what's up.

Welcome to the Faculty Lounge and I look forward to drinking Chai with you guys virtually.


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