Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Recently Published Scholarship: U. Pa. J. Bus. & E'ment Law

Harris Kolli_3

University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business and Employment Law
Volume 10, Number 1, Fall 2007
[Only the employment articles are listed below.]


  • Seth D. Harris (left), Law, Economics, and Accommodations in the Internal Labor Market, p. 1.
  • J.W. Verret, Economics Makes Strange Bedfellows: Pensions, Trusts, and Hedge Funds in an Era of Financial Re-Intermediation, p. 63.


  • Bindu Kolli (right), In Love and in Jeopardy: Why Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Unions Does Not End the Need for Domestic Partner Benefit Programs, p. 225.
  • Aaron T. Walker, Title VII & MLB Minority Hiring: Alternatives to Litigation, p. 245.



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