Monday, February 25, 2008

Pay Inequity Persists

Pay_gap_2 Carol Hymowitz writes in today's Wall Street Journal that "progress for women and minorities in terms of both pay and power has stalled or regressed at many of the nation's biggest companies."  She continues:

More than 40 years after job discrimination was outlawed, the wage gap between white men and just about everyone else persists . . . .   Black men . . . earned 74% of the wages of white males; Hispanic men earned 58%.  Full-time female employees earned 77% of all men's median wages.  Breaking it down in terms of race, Asian-American women earned 78% of the median annual pay of white men; white women earned 73%; black women, 63%; and Hispanic women, 52%.

Moreover, these disparities cannot be explained by level of education.  Young women, for example, are significantly more likely than men to have college degrees, but nonetheless lag in pay.

For more, see On Diversity, America Isn't Putting Its Money Where Its Mouth Is (subscription required).


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