Sunday, February 17, 2008

Osler on Ethics, Art, and Principles

Mississippi The faculty here at Chase had the distinct pleasure Friday of attending a presentation by Mark Osler (Baylor) on "Ethics, Art, and Principles."  Mark showed us how he uses art in his classroom to illustrate important principles that he wants to convey to students.  For example, he uses Norman Rockwell's Mississippi (left) to convey the importance that race still plays in many aspects of American life and legal practice.  Although Mark teaches Criminal Law, Professional Responsibility, and Advocacy, many of the slides he showed -- and the principles he used them to illustrate -- apply equally in the Labor/Employment curriculum.  Even if you don't plan to emulate his approach, it's worth seeing how taking a different pedagogical approach can dramatically enhance understanding of substantive material.  My only regret is that we brought him to Chase  to speak only to the faculty -- if I had it to do over again, I'd make sure our students had the opportunity to see his presentation as well.

If any of you are looking for folks to come speak to your faculty, I'd highly recommend Mark's presentation.


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