Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Scholarship: BJELL

Leroy Pagnatta_3 Peircee   



Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law
Volume 28, Number 2, 2007


  • Michael H. LeRoy (top left), Compulsory Labor in a National Emergency: Public Service or Involuntary Servitude?  The Case of Crippled Ports, p. 331.
  • Marisa Anne Pagnattaro (top center) & Ellen R. Peirce (top right), Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Conflict Between U.S. Corporate Codes of Conduct and European Privacy and Work Laws, p. 375.
  • James B. Jacobs (bottom left) & Dimitri D. Portnoi (bottom second), Administrative Criminal Law & Procedure in the Teamsters Union: What Has Been Achieved After (Nearly) Twenty Years, p. 429.
  • Debbie Kaminer, The Child Care Crisis and the Work-Family Conflict: A Policy Rationale for Federal Legislation, p. 495.
  • Matthew W. Finkin (bottom third), Disloyalty!  Does Jefferson Standard Stalk Still?, p. 541.


  • Wilma B. Liebman (bottom right), Decline and Disenchantment: Reflections on the Aging of the National Labor Relations Board, p. 569.


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