Friday, November 23, 2007

Age Discrimination and the Legal Profession in India

Ever wonder how other parts of our world deal with workplace issues like age discrimination. I have.
Indiaflag Fortunately, Robert Ambrogi of Legal Blog Watch has one of these types of stories:

Until this month, lawyers over age 45 could not be newly enrolled to practice as advocates in the Indian state of Delhi. The policy existed, one member of the Delhi Bar Council explained, because, "We have often seen that lawyers above 45 just get into the profession for time pass. They don't contribute anything, engage in malpractice and crowd in."

Wow, and we thought we had invidious stereotypes about older workers in this country! I know of many excellent lawyers who have come to the legal field later in life.  Thankfully, the Dehli Bar ended up figuring things out:

Some post-45 "senior citizen" lawyers disagreed with that policy. Six months ago, a half dozen of them appealed to the Delhi High Court. Earlier this month, before the court could rule, the Delhi Bar Council reversed itself and abolished the age restriction.

As NDTV reports, this is welcome news for lawyers Prem Chand Kashyap, 60, and Sudhi Kumar Bharadwaj, 61. Kashyap, a 1975 law graduate, retired this year after 35 years in banking and hoped to spend his "golden years" as a lawyer. Bharadwaj had earned his law degree in 1979 and retired last year as chief income tax commissioner of Mumbai, likewise wanting to practice law.

You can read more about age discrimination in the legal profession in India from The Hindu or watch this video of NDTV's report.


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Wow, that 45-year policy sounds perfectly good to me. Note sarcasm.

Posted by: Age Discrimination Guy | Dec 4, 2007 5:02:13 PM

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